Quiz: Do you agree with any of the statements below?

Do you…

Agree it’s hard to find Christian cards or devotionals you’re confident won’t subtly imply a spiritually hurtful or over-simplified idea to suffering people?

Agree it’s hard to find creative children’s curriculum primarily focused on nurturing healthier healing connections with God, self and others?

Agree there’s a prevalence of various abuses, mental disorders, and trauma…but a lack of ministry tools designed with an integrative sensitivity to some typical spiritual as well as psychological issues?

Agree you’ve experienced secular interventions in ways that lacked empathy, and/or Christian ones that were oblivious to signs and symptoms of common mental health struggles?

Agree it’s more important to actually abide in God’s true love than to merely gain head-information about Him, that authentic vulnerable relationship needs to be prioritized over Christian cultural norms?

Agree a lack of intentionality in how we convey the truths of God can end up causing pointless confusion or harm to already hurting human hearts?

If you agreed with any of these Willow's Wind is for you!