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Every kind of minister or caregiver can struggle to find words for those struggling in confusing times of crisis, truama, or grief & loss.  Even the best of us sometimes blurt out phrases with good intentions at heart, but unknowlingly add salt to the wounds of those we meant to comfort. The pictures on these cards are mixed media art prints created out from Elita's times of prayer and reflection. They were thoughtfully made into cards with these theological principles in mind:

  1. Verses and messages will not even subtly imply God is somehow behind the person’s pain. They were selected with a censoring eye carefully avoiding anything that could be easily misperceived or seem like a token, oversimplification, or cheap reply to their situation.
  2. Similarly, the healing images and biblical truths were selected because they are not simple responses to the complex reality of suffering that we often experience in this complicated broken world.
  3. They are intended to meet people ‘where they are at emotionally’ and convey faithful healing messages of ‘withness, compassion, acknowledgement, hope and the like from the sender.

Description: (Cards come individually wrapped in mail envelopes with 5x9 envelopes inside. Options will periodically rotate and change, order soon)

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