Abide & Shine

Abide & Shine

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5 units, 200+ pages of REUSABLE lessons & games!

Lots of color picture examples, and easy to follow lessons!

Only 1 copy needed for a children’s ministry to be infused with…
  • *experiential-learning activities
  • *imaginative prayer ideas
  • *Christ-embracing love centered truth!

This Manual of therapeutic and theologically sensitive lessons is useful for children in a variety of possible Christian settings, helping them meaningfully and healthily connect with God. It is carefully designed in ways that consider a diversity of emotional, mental, and other risk factors young ones often face. The content is also fitting for those who may have faced traumatic situations that could distort their healthy view of God’s love for them.

Specifics: Bound with plastic cover, cost is $30 (price reflects the heaviness and color, & that it is made with re-usable photocopiable lessons that can be used over & again, also – no copyright permission required.)

Note: A great freely available musical resource to  couple with the lessons is by Your Love is For Me Lindsey Quick and Li'l Friends, available on YouTube.